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    Age defense moisturizer

    The natural ingredients used in our Rejuvenating vitamin C Face  Moisturizer have been clinically proven to naturally rejuvenate, aid in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles while deeply moisturizing the facial, eye, neck and décolleté areas of your skin. Our deeply penetrating moisturizer locks in the moisture and leaves your skin feeling and looking YOUTHFUL and RADIANT. With added zinc oxide as it is one of the safest ingredients for protecting the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays and is also effective for healing the skin.

     Directions: Must be applied to clean skin while still moist.

    Great for dry skin, Mature Skin, Aging Skin

            10% Vitamin C antioxidant offers powerful antioxidant nourishment and protection from environmental damage, brightening your complexion, discouraging blemishes and sunspots and promoting Collagen production.


    MSM skin benefits :

    Provides the natural ingredients for collagen production to help improve general skin condition and specific skin conditions.

    Strengthens the skin's support matrix by providing the cells with bio-available sulfur to produce collagen.

    A natural anti-inflammatory.

    Helps limit hyperpigmentation.

    Promotes healthy skin.

    Helps reduce acne and acne scars.

    Helps detoxify the skin cells.

     Comes in a 4oz tube