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About Us

Join the all-natural revolution’ is the trending tag line behind Makesha Francis’ handmade organic line of hair, face and skin care products. Starting out of her small kitchen in 2012,
Francis has created a comprehensive all-natural product line that can today be found on the shelves of pennywise and several other distributors. After a failed life long search to find products to rectify her everyday hair, face and skin issues, she decided to use nature’s gifts as her solution; As a result, the brand Kylex Naturals was born.

Francis’ found her passion in creating solution oriented, user friendly products for the everyday woman. From her understanding that the earth has provided all the requirements for perfect care of our bodies, the brand is built on products that are free of chemicals, parabens,
sulphates and minerals. Each of these ingredients when used in products reduce moisture and creates long term damages in skin. Conversely, all-natural products treat problems from its roots, giving longer lasting results.

Makesha is an innovative driven entrepreneur who foresees her product available throughout
the Caribbean within the next three years and available through international distributors by
2025. The brand understands the changing landscape of the market with the increasing power
of social media, influencer marketing and the evolving consumer; as such, Kylex Naturals
intends to grow and adapt to the modern trends and norms while still maintaining is drive for
create products from the ground up. 

In addition to running her Ethel Street, St James SPA, producing the hand-crafted products and being a mother, Francis still finds time for charity. Her charitable organization, Kylex Helping Hands, believes that the giving of quality time is more important than financial
donations. “You can pay for many things, but you cannot pay for time”, the words of Francis
as she explained that organisation focuses mainly on homes for children as well as the aged. They have worked with several homes across Trinidad where they plan and spend the entire day giving quality time. With the aged, time is spent giving facials, massages, pedicures and other body care gifts to make our senior citizens feel good about themselves while engaging them in good conversation. For the children, special days are planned to celebrate the birthdays of the month with games, entertainment and home-made treats.

Francis boasts that her brand thrives on its unmatched quality, that only hand crafted and natural can create. The science behind each product wades in the understanding of hair, facial and skin problems, thus creating solutions that deliver a long-lasting brilliant appearance by solving root causes. “From the ground up”, the motto of every Kylex Natural product captures the essence of the company. She explained that every person’s body tells a story andthat any of her three product lines, detailed below, can add a natural shine, strength and glow to that story.